VAIL, COLORADO, May 28, 2019 – In 2012, Mom’s Best Friend of Dallas/Ft. Worth purchased the MBF Colorado franchise from Vail Valley entrepreneur Jill Smirl.  When Jill launched the MBF franchise in 2008 she strategically acquired a local brand called Vail Sitters.  Today, the owners of Mom’s Best Friend of Dallas/Ft. Worth and Mom’s Best Friend of Colorado announced that the agency in Colorado will discontinue the use of the MBF name and go by Vail Sitters going forward.

The owners of the company, Jim and Kim Winblood explain that “this name change better reflects the community we are serving.  We had this legacy Vail Sitters brand and the DBA on the shelf and we just loved it.  We want to communicate our sense of focus to the Vail Valley residents and our clients who cherish vacationing in this special place.”

Vail Sitters provides in-home babysitter services to valley residents and tourists staying at local resorts throughout the year.  Sitters are rigorously vetted with background checks, behavioral interviews and detailed, one-on-one reference checks.  Only about 1 in 10 candidates pass the rigorous screening process and get approved to work with the company.  Vail Sitters prides itself on being a “brick and mortar” business where real, professionals answer the phone and truly listen to client needs. In 2012, its sister agency, Mom’s Best Friend won the APNA award for National Nanny Agency of the Year.

Press Contact
Kim Winblood